The GRAPA Standards

The GRAPA organization has spent 2 years working diligently on the definition of a set of standards for the telecommunications industry that truly represents an industry wide, consensual definition of the practice of REVENUE ASSURANCE. In the 4th quarter of 2008, this definition was submitted to the entire membership of over 1600 revenue assurance professionals and was ratified 01 January 2009.

The following documentation highlights the major components of this standards effort.

The GRAPA Standards themselves are divided into four major sections:

1. The Revenue Assurance Disciplines - Defining what the job of doing revenue assurance actually entails.
2. The Domain of Revenue Assurance - Providing guidelines for the delineation of what is in or out of scope of the RA activity (and what that means). 
3. Levels of Assurance - Defining the different objectives that management can set for an RA activity in each of the different domains
4. Organizational and Operational (Principles & Ethics) - The core organization, operational and ethical principles that drive the professional practice of these disciplines

  GRAPA Standards  

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