Mediation Benchmark

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Mediation systems play a key role in the management of revenues for the vast majority of telco’s. Not only are traditional postpaid voice, interconnect and roaming revenues processed through the use of mediations systems, but more and more these same systems are being called upon to assist with the assurance on non-voice, value added services, content, data , GPRS and other revenue streams. Even more critically, many telco’s find that they need mediation systems to assist with the assurance of prepaid revenues as well.

The assurance of mediation systems is a cornerstone of revenue assurance practices for most telco’s and understanding how different organizations assure them, and how their environments are configured can be of incredible value to the revenue assurance professional.

The objective of this benchmark study is to collect a representative sample of standard practices, architectures and configurations in order to assist revenue assurance professionals with an understanding of what standard practices are in the industry, and how they can most effectively adapt their approaches to maximize revenue assurance and minimize the cost of performing that activity.

This survey is made up of 5 major sections:

  • Architecture, software and support environment
  • Operational Support Environment
  • Forensics Support
  • Controls Management Policies