GRAPA to Take on “Revenue Engineering” Issues revenueengineering

After multiple interviews, benchmarks, and analysis, GRAPA has found that those who once were considered revenue assurance professionals are now taking on the crucial roles of managing and assuring profitability, new products, migration, and marketing. It is evident that it is “revenue engineering,” and not “revenue assurance” that best defines their critical new role.


Revenue Engineering is the art and science involved in harnessing the power of marketing, getting control of new technologies, and bringing these together in the design of commercialized products that are saleable, marketable and profitable. We are proud to recognize GRAPA members who have pioneered this discipline and now we strive to continue to help telecoms professions to revolutionize the way they approach the most challenging and most critical of their new responsibilities.


In an effort to continue to be a relevant and reliable source of information and standards for our 7500+ members, GRAPA has evolved with our constituents into the “Global Revenue Engineering Professionals Association.” While we will continue to support our revenue assurance principles and standards, it is clear that our membership has grown beyond this responsibility alone. Since it is our mission to provide the best tools, standards, and practices to our community, we believe that this expansion of the GRAPA is the only way can properly provide the support that telecoms professionals truly need.


In an industry marked by product development at the speed of light, rapid-fire promotion schedules, and price plans that change as often as customers change their minds, it is no surprise that telecoms are looking for talented and strategically-minded finance, operations, risk, and revenue assurance professionals to step into the Revenue Engineering space. In the modern telecom, the ability to imagine, engineer, and launch radical new ideas, concepts, and promotions is not the exception; it is the requirement. The mission, then, of our Revenue Engineering Professionals Association is to ensure our members are can handle this high-risk responsibility, and empower them to continue to deliver value in the ever-changing world of telecoms.


GRAPA’s Revenue Engineering Initiatives for 2013

With a dedicated membership of professionals already working through the challenges of this new discipline, GRAPA has planned a roll out of new work groups, bench marks, and standards to come in 2013. As we continue to expand into the revenue engineering space, here is what GRAPA members can look forward to throughout the year:


1. New Revenue Engineering Standards Book

2. Revenue Engineering Special Interest Groups & Discussion Boards

LTE Monetization & Billing Strategies

Revenue Engineering for VNOs

Revenue Engineering for Cable & Broadcast

3. Newsletters & Press Releases that detail GRAPA findings of how Members are utilizing Revenue Engineering Technique


Updated Fraud Certification program for 2013


As of 1 January 2013, GRAPA has certified over 210 telecoms fraud professionals globally, and we are very proud of those members who have shown such a high level of dedication to their careers. As the organization fraud professionals can turn to for fraud standards and professional credentials, we look forward to a successful 2013. For this reason, we will continue to develop our Telcom Fraud Specialist Certification throughout the year. This Fraud Program, promises to provide RA and Fraud Management Professionals with significant upgrades to their current effectiveness.   



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